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Shop Fascia 

Shop fascia are an essential marketing tool for any business. They are key to making a first impression for clients who visit your premises and promote your company 24 hours, 7 days a week. They can be fabricated from a variety of materials and manufactured to any size, shaped if required and coloured to suit your corporate identity. Alternatively, lettering can be applied directly to an existing fascia. Fascia can be enhanced using internal or external illumination, stand-off lettering and logos, fret-cut detailing and full colour graphics.


Totem Signs 

Large freestanding structures designed to deliver a highly visible identity and viewing impact for your company as well as presenting important brand and business information to your clients. Available in a variety of different materials and profiles, totem signage can be internally illuminated to further increase their visual impact.


Individual Lettering 

Using the latest routing, laser and fabrication equipment, we can produce any style or size of lettering or logo. These are finished either flat with stand-off locators, flat with high bond tape, or with a return to present a more three-dimensional image. Lettering can be manufactured from acrylic, aluminium, Dibond, or brushed or polished stainless steel and are available in varying thicknesses and endless colours. Individual lettering looks great against brickwork or mounted to fascia and can be individually illuminated for that special effect. Contact a sales associate for more information.

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Internal Displays 

Fabricated from acrylic and available in a wide range of colours and thickness, internal displays can be created to enhance reception, waiting areas and shop fronts.  They can be produced either to hold paper notices, or have graphics and logos applied.  The latest innovative fixings are available to further your display’s visual effects.

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Wayfinding Signs  

Sign systems that work do so because they convey information clearly and concisely whilst enlightening, not confusing. Their purpose is to direct visitors who are unfamiliar with their surroundings to a location or destination effortlessly taking into account the needs of all, including the visually impaired. A consistent wayfinding signage solution calls for experienced, rigorous planning and a thorough appreciation of the precise function of a building or landscape. It also calls for an approach that takes account an organisation’s philosophy and the way it treats its brand.


Safety Signs   

With over 30,000 products available, we can supply everything from standard information signs to more specialised Braille and tactile signage. Our stock safety signs are manufactured to the latest adopted standard ISO 7010:2011. Approximately 85% of signage is available from stock, so we are confident we can supply you with all your safety signage needs in a timely manner.  Alternatively, we can manufacture bespoke signs to suit your specific safety requirements.


Pavement Signs   

Our versatile range of tried and tested pavement signs come in a host of sizes, designs or colours.  From light-weight and easily transportable to storm-force and highly durable, we have a wide range of products to suit your requirements.  Most of our range we have in stock along with numerous options for standard graphics, digital graphics or changeable message panels.  We can supply single units or hundreds at a time. If we don’t have your ideal product on hand, we can produce bespoke models to suit your needs.



Using the latest engraving technologies, we can engrave into numerous materials such as brass, metals, acrylics plastics and wood. With the ability to chemically etch intricate designs the limits are endless.